Sky and Space Relics Installation with JRA
Jeremy Anderson is an artist based in New York working in the ceramics medium. From the beginning of his work with clay, the act of creating has served Anderson as a conduit to tap into childlike play: the process of throwing, assembling, and painting built around meditative make-believe.

Each sculpture is multifaceted and unique; it is in their collectiveness, however, that the contours of the human condition begin to form, modulating between perfections and imperfections and highlighting the hybrid of tensions that underpin our collective experience as individuals within a society.

Anderson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has worked with clay for over 25 years. His works have been featured in preeminent publications, including AD, T Magazine, Financial Times HTSI, Wallpaper and Hypebeast. He co-founded APPARATUS in 2012, a design studio known for its lighting, furniture, and interiors.